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  • Awesome material
    By June 29, 2019 10:10

    I love the clear and it will look amazing on the table with a little nuln oil and blood for the blood god

  • Amazing Quality!
    By June 3, 2019 13:17

    Ordered on May 16th

    Shipped on May 21st

    Arrived June 1st

    Arrived in a pretty small box, though only due to four lictors being a pretty small amount of resin, and was appropriately packaged with plenty of bubble wrap to keep the individual baggies that all held a single set of Lictor sprues each.

    Models were all high quality, with nothing besides the standard cleanup for a resin model needed. No brittle pieces and nothing was miscast from the original model. No loss of detail, though hard to tell with my crappy phone camera, and I will be using these for a Kill Team campaign with friends. (They really liked the idea of a Lictor fear squad while the others are running Tempestus Scions, Ad Mech, and Chaos Cultists.) Believe it or not, they were EASIER to build than the actual GW proper model!

    Quick purchase/shipping time, high-quality model, and I might buy a couple more to test out some cool paint ideas for them. (Blood on claws and talons, painting parts to match terrain we use at home and the game stores, etc.)

    XXXXX/XXXXX on all four of them!

  • order No. 10015144 - )))))
    By May 24, 2019 07:12

    It will be an interesting model - Lictor tyranid "invisible" gradually manifested next to the Imperial guardsman...

  • Took a gamble, was not disappointed
    By May 15, 2019 04:52

    Delivery takes several weeks, in case anyone wasn’t somehow aware.

    Very well worth the wait however as the detail of the sculpt is superb!

    The material is very rigid but far from fragile (first thing I did after assembly was drop this beaut from about table height). Only had the tiniest of bubbles on the very rear of the head where it really didn’t matter.

    Very satisfied, good price to take the gamble if you’re suspicious (this is the Internet, you’d be daft not to be) but hopefully you’ll be as happy with the product as I was

  • So cool
    By February 8, 2019 20:43

    I've seen images of people casting their own clear lictor but I've never been brave enough to attempt it. This one is awesome. Perfect cast!

    This was my first order and I didn't really know what to expect so I only ordered a couple of bits (rippers and a clear lictor).

    I placed my order on 27th Jan and got it today (8th Feb).

    Casts were fantastic. Far better than the ones I had from forgeworld!

    Only thing to watch out for is the confirmation emails going into your spam folder!

    I'd highly recommend and will be ordering from again.

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