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Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct Body reviews

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  • Amazing
    By April 1, 2019 02:32

    This was my first big purchase from stephen and I was impressed by the quality of the product.
    With very minor warping in a few places it was easily fixed and is now the centrepiece to my necron army!

  • Seraptek Heavy Construct
    By February 11, 2019 23:25

    Very little clean up and pieces were the best I have received from this site so far. Model is assembled and looking forward to painting and using in play. A must have for a Necron player as a showpiece for your army.

  • Love it
    By January 28, 2019 02:19

    Looks great, a little clean up and ready to paint. I will suggest you wash in warm water and soap and let it completely dry to remove the oils used in casting. Would post pic but won’t let me

  • Better than the original.
    By December 20, 2018 21:06

    Wow! With very few parts to clean up. And only the forelimbs to bend a little. This is by far the best cast I have seen.
    The material is hard and details clean. Can't wait to start painting this one.
    Again a great product from Stephen.

  • Another great product
    By December 12, 2018 10:28

    I was curious to see the cast considering the model just barely came out. As usual Stephens models are a freaking steal for the price. FW wants around $365 for the same thing that goes for $97 here. Its a no brainer. I was shocked to see the price point so low.

    My local hobby scene is about to go to jelly school.

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