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  • Excellent product
    By November 10, 2018 12:02

    I ordered one to compare with my FW Leviathan Dreadnought. This sculpt has a few things that need to be done to it before assembly (gates to be cleaned up, ect...my FW Dread was perfect), but nothing compared to other products I've received from FW (looking at you warped Spartan). Excellent product, and I can't wait to get it cleaned up and start painting.

  • Very good quality sculpt
    By September 25, 2018 18:40

    Packaging was perfect as always.
    The sculpt looks very good, there should be no discernable difference between this and FW's product.

  • Very happy
    By August 17, 2018 16:52

    Quality resin with very little mold slips, nothing that can't be fixed. Very fast delivery as well. 1 week after paying it went from Chine to the UK.

  • Very good cast
    By March 14, 2018 14:38

    Bought one to test out the quality, was inpressed for the price. Almost no slippage and very easy to clean up. Detail is excellent

  • Happy
    By December 29, 2017 13:40

    Fast, good quality, excellent detail. Amazing price. Mine did NOT come with a base. Probably shipping error.

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