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Legion Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer reviews

Average customer rating: (5) 3.80 out of 5 stars

  • Eh
    By January 22, 2019 13:24

    Most of the main components were pretty badly warped, nothing unfixable for an intermediate hobbiest, but the main gun, laser destroyer sponsons, hull turret, and hatch bits were missing. Honestly I can’t recommend a large tank like this to anyone who’s not willing to put some serious effort into fixing warped and even broken bits right out of the box

  • Some Broken parts
    By November 20, 2018 13:23

    Main parts were broken

  • Excellent
    By October 11, 2018 17:22

    Package carefully wrapped and bagged. Seemingly no parts missing. Very clean surface details with little miscast issues here and there, with few warped parts, but nothing that cannot be fixed easily (same goes for FW original so ...)

    It took a month to get to the door (two weeks of which it spent circling around in Czech Republic withouth CZ Post knowing where it is)

    Only minor disadvantage is an absence of instruction manual, which considering amount of parts it would be great to have it. On the other hand ... Google knows everything, right?

    For the price I higly recommend this product (also very friendly approach)

  • Less cleanup than FW
    By September 18, 2018 03:30

    Great cast, very high quality, all the details show through. There was less mold slips, flash and general cleanup than on several actual forge world tanks I've worked on. Shipped fast as well, about 2 weeks to arrive in Canada.

  • Great value
    By May 27, 2018 01:51

    It's a massive model, weighs maybe about 5 pounds, alnost an exact copy of forgetrash but not as warped, ALL parts came in if not on sprue than in small baggies, little problems and can be magnetized plus you're saving over $200 with this site and great shipping speed too!

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