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Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank reviews

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  • Nice mold
    By April 27, 2019 23:59

    Some little fixing to do; however better than the one I received from FW.
    Hate they don’t come with base or stand

  • Pretty good
    By April 2, 2019 09:15

    Same as the other poster in terms of issues, which tells that the problems are consistent, but the price you pay makes the effort well worth it.

  • Servicable
    By November 3, 2018 04:27

    This kit apparently has some fit issues, and I noticed that they seemed exaggerated here. I also had some sockets filled in with extra resin and a couple minor parts where the resin was so thin it just fell apart.

    Nothing huge that I couldn't fix with green stuff and some drilling, but be prepared to do some repair work.

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