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Adeptus Custodes Custodian Guard reviews

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  • Overall great quality.
    By May 7, 2019 00:22

    Package was undamaged and had adequate bubble wrap for items. All bits came in little plastic bags. Bases for all models included. Some bit had very minimal flash. All bits were solid and amazing detail. No warping. Does require some sprue cleanup as the bits were clipped from the sprue before shipping. Overall a very good cast.

  • Still a good cast April 2019
    By April 6, 2019 10:48

    Picked up another set and the quality is still roughly up to the standard it was with my first purchase a few months ago. Very little clean up required, the shoulders making up the bulk of it this time around. Would still strongly recommend as of now.

  • 10/10
    By April 1, 2019 02:29

    Not just the rating, but also the quality of the cast, I got 10 custodians and all ten of them were flawless!
    at a certain point I even doubted whether these were even recasts rather than legitimate casts

  • Great Sculpt
    By January 11, 2019 11:22

    Like others have said, skeptical going through with the purchase but glad I did. The models are in great condition with very little clean up work (just like you would do off a standard sprue).

    Bases aren't included however, so keep that in mind before finalizing the purchase.

  • I'm buying More
    By July 22, 2018 23:10

    If you're wondering weather or not to take the plunge all I have to say is do it!

    The kits come complete with all the pieces bundled together and wrapped in about three layers of bubble wrap. The quality is good with most of the detail being preserved the only real issues being a couple of the weapons and chest pieces were misshapen, but it was an easy issue to work around. The resin used is brittle on some of the finer bits but otherwise its easy to trim and work with.

    For the price you pay you get a fine product that's well worth your time and budget.

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